Review and Evaluations

  • An External Review of HIV Scotland (2010) for Scottish Government. HIV Scotland aims to act as an advocate for HIV issues and as a representative voice of the HIV voluntary sector. The Scottish Government is the agency’s major funder. The Scottish Government commissioned the TASC Agency to examine HIV Scotland’s performance and assess the organisation’s contribution to delivery of relevant Scottish Government Policy including the HIV Action Plan. Report available HERE
  • An External Review of Caledonia Youth (2009) for Scottish Government. Caledonia Youth is a provider of sexual health education and services for young people in Scotland, a major funder is the Scottish Government. TASC was commissioned to review Caledonia Youth’s contribution to promoting sexual health and wellbeing in Scotland and explore the agency's performance in providing value for money in relation to the funding made available. Report available HERE
  • An evaluation of NHS Open Road (2010) for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Open Road aims to identify the hidden population of men currently involved in prostitution and to ensure that they receive appropriate help and support, both from NHS Open Road and from other services. The evaluation focused on engaging with NHS Open Road staff and external professional stakeholders to review aims and objectives, critically appraise the methods and models of practice and interventions developed for clients, explore issues of leadership and organisational partnerships and make recommendations on future service delivery for men involved in prostitution whilst identifying optimal service alignment options for Open Road. Report available HERE
  • For Scotland’s Children: Scottish Executive Action Team on Better Integrated Services. Colin Morrison was part of a small team of secondees charged by the Scottish Executive with progressing the commitment to better-integrated services for children and young people. A wide ranging consultation by the team led to the report ‘For Scotland’s Children’ published in 2001 and available HERE
  • CLD Benchmarking and Service Review for Midlothian Council (2011) The purpose of this benchmarking exercise was to support Midlothian Council in its review of Community Learning and Development (CLD), part of a Service Review Programme. The process saw TASC engage with CLD provision in four other Local Authority areas, profiling this work and learning lessons which could support and inform the Midlothian process.