RSHP Education

  • Young People’s Views on their Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenting Education (RSHP) in School
    In 2014 (for Glasgow City Council) and in 2016 (for NHS Lothian) TASC were commissioned to ascertain young people’s views on their RSHP learning. Using small group discussion and a detailed survey tool young people talked about teaching and learning at school, talking and learning at home and the impact and importance of this learning. Download the pdf's for the Glasgow work HERE and the Lothian work HERE

  • RSHP learning and young people with ASL/SEB needs for NHS Lothian/Healthy Respect (2015) On behalf of HR TASC identified the Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) learning activity that is taking place in non-mainstream establishments or centres who work with young people of secondary school age with disabilities, Additional Support for Learning (ASL) needs or Social, Emotional or Behavioural Needs (SEBN) and identified the kind of education support services that colleagues working in the field would like to see provided. 

  • From disability to capability: sex and relationship learning for children and young people with a learning disability: This study, published as TASC partner Colin Morrison’s EdD thesis, focuses on sex and relationships learning and is concerned with the securing of sexual rights for people with learning disabilities. The intent is to identify the characteristics of effective sex and relationship learning as well as address the broader role that adults can play to enable safe, happy and fulfilling personal relationships for children and young people with learning disabilities. What will result is an understanding of what social justice means in the lives of people with a learning disability and how this might be applied to personal and sexual relationships. What will be claimed is the right to (and the experience of) relationships lived as an integral part of a life lived with human dignity. Download the pdf HERE

  • Information booklets supporting sexual health and relationship education in Glasgow Schools for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (2008/09). TASC researched, consulted on, wrote and produced 6 booklets for pupils from P6 to S6. The booklets are used at the heart of the new SHRE curriculum being rolled out in Glasgow. The booklets locate SHRE in a holistic framework and explore issues around puberty and body changes, equalities, freedom from abuse and violence, sexual health rights and personal safety as well as signposting children and young people to excellent resources and supports.
  • An Evaluation of the Be Books Resource: For NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Ayrshire and Arran (2007). The evaluation saw TASC work with young people, youth workers and other professionals working in the informal education sector to explore views on, and use of, the Be Books, resources which address aspects of sexual health and wellbeing in the form of 2 books which pastiche the ‘Ladybird’ books and are supported by an online resource HERE  
  • Over the years TASC have been involved with NHS Forth Valley on various evaluations and research including: An evaluation of sexual health training for teachers working in a secondary school setting and An evaluation of sexual health training for teachers working in a primary school setting and A consultation with Primary School pupils on their sexual health and relationships education curriculum. This final project saw us design and facilitate alongside NHS Health Promotion and teaching staff a study in which children from P4 to P7 talked about what they know and what they want to know about key issues in SHRE including body changes and growing up, the ‘babies story’ from conception to birth, the meaning and importance of personal relationships.
  • Parental Feedback on School-based Sexual Health and Relationships Education in Glasgow for Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Young People’s Sexual Health Steering Group (2011). Glasgow City’s innovative school based programme seeks to enhance the role of parents/carers. This parental feedback exercise, engaging with parents in groups and individual interviews, evaluated parental responses to the school-based programme which is being rolled-out across the city.
  • Ask Parents for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (2015) The consultation engaged with parents about their role in educating their children (from pre-school through to the teenage years) on growing up, puberty, relationships and sexual health. In doing so the intention was to find out about parental experiences, perspectives and needs. 649 parents took part in interviews and online.